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Hank Altenkirch has been creating custom rods for professional and amateur fishermen all over the world. He is familiar with all locations and their unique requirements. Altenkirch Precision Outfitters typically builds custom fishing rods for the following styles of fishing but also fashions rods for professionals that have very specific needs and do not necessarily fit any category... truly one of a kind. Browse the following categories of our rods... keep in mind that these "Standard" rods can be customized to meet your particular requirements.

-Altenkirch Standard Fly Rods

-Baitcasting Fishing Rods

-Bottom Fishing Rods

-Childrens Stand Up Fishing Rods

-Jigging Fishing Rods

-Sailfish Small Marlin Fishing Rods

-Spinning Fishing Rods

-Stand Up Fishing Rods

-Trolling Fishing Rods

-Wire Line Fishing Rods

How to Order:
This is a custom fishing rod, so designing your dream rod starts with a conversation with Hank Altenkirch. Just email Hank or call 631-651-2555 and leave a message if he's turning a rod on the lathe. He will ask questions to determine the size and style. 

- What do you want to catch?
- Where are you fishing?
- What lures are you using?
- What is your glove size?

Once size has been determined you will need to decide on the materials to achieve the look you want. There are options for each component of the rod.

If you have done this before you may be familiar with the vocabulary. For those who are thinking about their first custom rod, or purchasing a gift, we have included this simple diagram to help you make decisions while speaking with Hank.

Custom 5
Custom 6

Custom Fishing Rod Options:
- Rod Blanks: Graphite Fiber / Fiberglass
- Reel Seats: Graphite / Aluminum / Titanium / Stainless / Brass
- Grips & Butts: Cork / Foam / Exotic Wood / Aluminum
- Guides: Ceramic / Stainless / Titanium / Roller
- Threads: Under / Over / Cap / Grip
- Thread Color: Color Chart

Custom Fishing Rod Process:
- The initial discussion with Hank will set the specifications and price.
- An advance of 50% will be requested.
- Once payment is received, materials not in stock will be ordered.
- Parts of your custom rod will be started once payment is received.
- Once all parts are available your rod, it will be assembled and finish applied.
- Your rod should be completed in 2-4 weeks depending on availability of materials.

A custom rod is the pinnacle of fishing gear. This is a unique opportunity to have a rod individually tailored to your specifications, both technical and stylistic. From a single surf casting rod with an EVA handle to providing a full set of matching big game rods with exotic wood butts for your boat, Altenkirch will provide you with the best rod that you can possibly get. 

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