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"Ours" - Imported Portugues cork rings are milled by hand on a mandrel to perfectly fit the rod blank diameter and taper. When the corks are "glued-up" on the blank and hand-turned on the lathe - this incredibly labor-intensive process yields a cork grip that is not only beautiful and functional, but will last for generations...


 "Ours" - A hardwood shim, or called a "bushing" by Hank Altenkirch, is precision-milled to perfectly fit both the outside diameter of the rod blank as well as the inside diameter of the reel seat, so when these components are epoxied together - the components become an integral part of the blank to yield not only the most sensitive fishing rod, but the most reliable one as well,

"Ours" - This "young" rod now has all the components fit together, epoxied, hand-turned and shaped in the lathe by Hank, The final stages will include proper placement and wrapping the guides, then the finish coats of epoxy will be added to the guide wraps and exotic hardwoods to create another stunning, precision-made Altenkirch custom rod.