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Billfish Foundation

The Billfish Foundation is the only Non-profit organization dedicated solely to conserving and enhancing billfish populations around the world. Founded in 1987, TBF’s comprehensive network of members and supporters includes anglers, captains, deckhands, tournament directors, fishing clubs and sport fishing businesses. By coordinating efforts and speaking with one voice, TBF is able to work for solutions that are good for billfish and other big game pelagic species like Tuna and swordfish. By joining TBF, you will be helping to ensure that you and your children will be able to enjoy the sport of big game fishing for generations to come.

One of the many projects that TBF has been involved with is educating anglers on the use and benefits of circle hooks. Circle hooks have played a major role in the ability for recreational anglers to greatly reduce the mortality rate of billfish and other fish species being released. Because of the unique shape of circle hooks, fish are hooked in the corner of the mouth and prevent gut hooking and damage to internal organs. Bill fishing has become an almost all release fishery in recent years and the use of circle hooks has not only greatly reduced mortality rate, but has also allowed anglers to enjoy a much greater hook up ratio. Those who learn the proper rigging and hooking techniques associated with circle hook use, are tagging and releasing many more fish then they ever did with traditional J-hooks. If you are interested in hosting a circle hook rigging workshop for your tournament or fishing club, TBF will be glad to help you educate your tournament participants or club members in the proficient use of these hooks. It is now federal law that all tournaments in the USA must use circle hooks when fishing for billfish with dead bait, live bait or dead bait/artificial combinations.

Another important part of TBF’s efforts to protect the recreational and professional sport fishing industry, has been to commission several economic impact studies. These studies are important because they prove to international governments as well as the government of the USA, that recreational fishing is of huge economic importance to their countries. Recent studies have shown that in Mexico, sport fishing directly contributes over 24,000 jobs and $1.25 billion dollars a year in total economic benefit to their country. In Florida it is estimated that the recreational fishing industry is worth over $13 billion a year to the state. With numbers like these, it is easy to see why governments around the world are starting to pay attention to recreational fishing enthusiasts. But none of this would be possible without TBF and the dedicated employees and volunteers that work tirelessly to keep healthy fish stocks and clean oceans. TBF needs your donations and participation to continue to fight for your rights as recreational anglers.

As a long time TBF member and volunteer, Anthony DiGiulian of Saltwater Professional Consulting has been deeply committed to TBF and their goals. He has traveled to several states to conduct circle hook workshops on behalf of TBF, and spends countless hours volunteering his time to the cause. Mr. DiGiulian has travelled the world as a professional fisherman for the last 30 years and knows first hand the challenges that face the recreational fishing community. He has this to say about the importance of TBF. “The commercial fishing industry is an extremely organized machine, and to get our voice heard we must, as recreational fishermen and woman get involved and become much more organized if we want to see a bright future for the sport we love so much. I believe becoming a member of TBF is a great way for any one to get more involved with what is happening to our fish stocks and oceans. Teach your children to stand up for what is right and join TBF. The future of our sport depends on it”.

Altenkirch Precision outfitters are proud to be involved with TBF and their vision for the future of sport fishing. The Altenkirch family will continue to support TBF and urges all of their customers to become involved by joining TBF. When you become a member of TBF through our website, we will contribute a portion of any rods you buy, back to TBF. Become an owner of the finest custom made rods in the world and help to keep our oceans healthy, and future generations fishing. Please click here to access the TBF website and learn about the many things TBF is doing to fight for your rights as recreational anglers.